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Welcome to St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church, a member of the Diocese of the Southern United States, our church has proudly served the Dallas community.

Our goal is to maintain and share the faith and teachings of the Apostolic Era to today’s believers. Through fellowship and commitment to our faith, the Coptic Orthodox Church survived for almost 2,000 years and has made its way to the DFW Metroplex.

We welcome you and your family to share our joy and love in Jesus Christ.


Fr. Ghobrial Samaan     Fr. Apanoub Habeeb

Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church


Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church

Proposed location: 1717 Schumac Lane, Bedford, Texas 76022
Size: 26,832 Square Feet
Price: $1.87 Million & Appraised for $3.1 Million
Year Built: 2005

Please make checks payable to : Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church

Mail to : 850 S. Main Street, Euless TX 76040

All donations are tax deductible

Click here to see updated information on the Archangel Michael Church Proposed location.

To our beloved Coptic Orthodox Community:
Due to the growth of the congregation of St. Abanoub to over 400 families and the need for a location for social activities for our growing population, it was increasingly evident throughout the recent years that a comprehensive facility is needed.
Through the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ and the diligent efforts of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Southern United States and in particular St. Abanoub Coptic Orthodox Church of Euless, Texas, I find great pleasure in announcing to you the acquisition of a new complex to become the next future church and comprehensive youth center for the Coptic community in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
The facility is a stand-alone building, which housed a school, with fully equipped classes, professional gymnasium, offices, elevator, restrooms and locker room areas for boys and girls.
The following are some of the highlights of the complex:
§ Convenient location, less than a mile south of Hwy 183 and in the heart of the DFW area
§ 26,000sqft of enclosed space on 3.74 acres land
§ A 9,000sqft well-kept professional gym that will serve all churches in the Dallas area, and afford monies spent on rental of outside facilities Vast land space to support other outdoor activities, i.e.-tennis courts, basketball, football, and soccer fields
The complex was originally owned by the Episcopal Church and was built in 2005 at well over $3 million dollars. Our church has offered $1.87 million dollars for the entire complex and the contents of the building, which was accepted in mid-May 2015.
To help accomplish this task, the church needs to have $600,000 available as a down payment by the end of July 2015. Once the down payment is reached and paid, the church board will begin plans for the expansion of the existing parking lot as well as developing plans for a temporary church building to be available for immediate use by our beloved community. The hope is to leave the existing facilities untouched or have minimal changes.
This initiative will bring a comprehensive religious, educational and social institution to provide our congregation a chance to make the best of their time in a supervised, spiritual and secure environment.
We trust that your love of the Lord, of Archangel Michael, and of our beloved Coptic Orthodox Church will motivate you to make that dream become a reality for our community and help with funding for the project.
May the Lord bless you and your loved ones,
Father Ghobrial Samaan                              Father Apanoub Habeeb